Bringing smiles to children's faces
Bringing smiles to children's faces

Lea Parris-Cambridge

I was born in Taplow, England, of Afro-Caribbean & Irish heritage. I use to write poetry as a child; influenced by both my Irish grandmother and my mother, who were both singers.   My dad  is a musican and played in a steel band in which my mum also sang. One night my dad and I sat down at the piano and wrote a song together when I was about 10.  


As a child I wrote little rhyming ditties about different members of my family and our pets. As I grew into my teenage years, the ditties turned into poems of love, congratulation or sympathy for friends. 


I didnt write much throughout most of my adult life, probably due to being so busy experiencing life, working and travelling. I found that the words which once flowed so freely and all inspiration had dried up.

That was until a personal situation opened up the flood gates of inspiration.

My 8 month baby girl Lili-Dahnai was having heart surgery to mend the hole in her heart. After her surgery I was advised of the after care to reduce the risks of her developing an infection that could be  damaging to her heart.  It was explained that she must avoid getting tooth decay. to not have her ears pierced or tatoos, all of which could cause the infection.


With that; Dusty Donkey and the BIG YELLOW TOOTHBRUSH was created, to teach her how to clean her teeth and have fun at the same time.


After the arrival of my second daughter Mia K'Ayana. I would often sit and watch her and Lili-Dahnai play, get up to mischief and learn new things. Soon enough other stories inspired by my girls growth, development, fun and education, soon flowed one after another.


The Mango Island Friends Collection are fun, engaging stories that encourage the enjoyment of reading for parents, grandparents, teachers and children. They are interactive; with actions, sounds, counting and discussion.


The stories touch on real life scenerios, learning and development that children can relate to.


The story characters and illustrations introduce children to the paradise islands of the Caribbean and wide range of animal inhabitants in a fun and endearing way.


This is a self published book and a % of the proceeds from sales of Dusty Donkey and the BIG YELLOW TOOTHBRUSH will be donated to different charities and worthy causes. (See Giving to Charity)


I am happy to be able to combine my interests, experience and training in Psychology, NLP, Teaching, Coaching, Fitness, Nutrition, Positive Empowerment and Children's Growth and Development to make a Positive difference with our story picture books, gifts and activities.


Bring a SPARKLING SMILE to a childs face with the help of Dusty Donkey and his Mango Island Friends.

Mary Parris

Growing up in Upton Lea Slough, most of my school pals lived outside the area, so reading became my friend. If I wasn't watching barges and boats cruise up and down the Grand Union Canal behind my house, I was drawing or painting, but most often I had my head stuck in a book. 


From the poems of  Wordsworth and  John Clare to the classic stories from Louisa May Alcott's  Little Women,  Lucy Maud Montgomery's  Anne Of Green Gables, Dickens, the Bronte sisters, comic books Bunty and Judy, plus newspapers that I started to read when I was about seven.


I was about the same age  when I started making up stories and  writing little ditty's and poems. Something that I have continued to do to this day, and along the way enjoying many creative writing classes and workshops. But it is only recently that I have decided to go into print. 


Being inspired by my granddaughters I have produced two children's books and have a novel on it's way, with hopefully more to follow that I hope you will enjoy.



Liv Paris

Born in 94' the youngest of the Parris clan I was raised with love and curiosity of different lands and cultures. Growing up in between the tropical island of Nevis and the concrete jungle of England, I always said I got the best of both worlds. My mother Mary Parris visited more than 55 countries  and in turn inspired a deep love of travel and adventure within me (but we’ll get to that later).

Growing up, from the age of 2, I was singing and performing in the living room for my family and went on to study Performing and vocal Arts for 6 Years, which always seems to crop up useful in my life and also gave me the skills to create the theme tune to Dusty Donkey and the Big Yellow Toothbrush along with other jingles which have yet to bless your sound systems.

Something that seems to be a common denominator in our family is at some point in our lives we write, whether it be short stories, poems, songs, novels, we all have had a passion for writing at some point, and it was never something forced upon us or you know, told to carry on as a weird tradition, we all sort of just did it.

In our own  time at different ages and stages of our lives, have been drawn to writing our thoughts, idea’s and emotions. I was around 7 when I started writing and it wasn’t until I’d filled a book with poems (took a few years & not all of great quality lol) that I found my mother and grandmother had also done the same in their youth and my brother & sisters also had their own literature.

When reflecting it seems quite odd that we never talked about it or really shared it with one another but as individuals everything we do is completely different, and I think that’s a good thing other wise the readers would get really bored.

My Goal

So everything I’ve told you up until now all translates to my ultimate goal, and that involves me travelling to remote villages and places all over the world to learn and live with them and to write new and exciting stories that have never been told before in the “normal” world. These cultures have ancient stories and fables, completely different but at the same time translate hauntingly relatable experiences which I believe would turn beautifully into children and adult literature.

At this point in time I’m focusing on the development on the characters you hopefully know and love or maybe haven’t discovered yet, but I implore you to pick up one of our books as soon as you can as we give proceedings to some of the charities closest to our and many others hearts.

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies and the fact it can transport you to a different world and consume you in a thrilling adventure without leaving your living room, despite any current situation or what you may be going through, it doesn’t discriminate!  And that is what has inspired me to be a writer and hopefully I will create the next realm you lose yourself in...That’s all from me, thanks for reading!



Dusty Donkey

and the



More fun stories coming soon.


  Marlo Monkey's

Banana Surprise!


Monty Mongoose

Afraid of the dark


Bringing stories

to life

and smiles to 

children's faces.


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