Bringing smiles to children's faces
Bringing smiles to children's faces

Giving to Charity

We believe in giving back to say thank you and to help those less fortunate and in need of help or support.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) do amazing work.

The dedication, care and support they give to all the familes who walk through their doors. Dusty Donkey and THE BIG YELLOW TOOTHBRUSH is the result of the guidance given to help my little girl stay healthy. 


GOSH took such good care of Lili-Dahnai when she had surgery to mend the hole in her heart; when she was just 8 months old. 


Encouraging her to brush and enjoy looking after her teeth and gums will help prevent tooth decay to avoid the infection that causes endocarditis, a serious condition that could affect her heart. And of course she can have a sparkling and confident smile.


The Donkey Sanctuary

The book characters are inspired by a Donkey I befriended on the Caribbean Island of Nevis and other animals found in the Caribbean.


The real Dusty Donkey in Nevis showed me that by my consistently showing him kindness and care; that even unlikely friendships can be built and maintained.

I was rewarded by his trust and affection.


I wanted to help other donkeys that have been rescued by caring organisations;

The Donkey Sanctuary helps donkeys far and wide and do such a wonderful job.


Pink Lily Cancer Care

With two diagnosis' with cancer in our family within two weeks of each other in 2007; we decided to share our story and raise awareness in St. Kitts & Nevis, where there was no awareness or support programmes and screening and treatment was very limited.  


We set up Pink Lily Cancer care on February 9th 2008 with a vision to open a Pink Lily Awareness, Support & Care Centre; to provide quality cancer care for the people of St. Kitts & Nevis. Pink Lily Cancer Care is run by volunteers; giving their time to raise awareness in Schools, Churches, Community Centres and Workplaces and supports and cares for those and their families touched by cancer; throughout their journey and bereavement.


Pink Lily also raises funds and makes appeals to help reduce the financial burden of expensive life saving treatment and associated costs.

The Auntie Foundation

Auntie works closely with the Childcare sector in the UK and ireland and this how we came to hear about them; as the daycare that Lili-Dahnai & Mia go to "Cherry Trees Day Nursery" fundraise through activities; which we as a family have supported, from fun days to photo sessions and many things inbetween. 


Cherry Trees day Nursery kindly read, reviewed and provided vaulable feedback with my first draft and images of Dusty Donkey and THE BIG YELLOW TOOTHBRUSH story picture book and as a result I was able to ensure I included the right type of early learning elements for the right age group and make our story picture books visually appealing, fun, engaging and interactive.


Auntie supports the training and development of childcare practitioners in South Africa and helps to build and run Pre-Schools in the poorest South African township communities, which they believe is the most vital element in helping desperate families to support themselves.




Dusty Donkey

and the



More fun stories coming soon.


  Marlo Monkey's

Banana Surprise!


Monty Mongoose

Afraid of the dark


Bringing stories

to life

and smiles to 

children's faces.


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